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Win Free Competitions with these great tips

Free Competitions – How to achieve success and win!

Free competitions to enter has turned into somewhat of an obsession for some people in recent years. Even before the days of the internet there was “extreme couponing” whereby people would obsessively collect magazine coupons and supermarket vouchers in order to make as many savings as possible. However, comping is a different world entirely.

Comping refers to someone who actively seeks out free competitions and systematically enters them with the intention of cashing in on prizes. For most compers, it is a hobby. However, some compers claim that comping takes place instead of a full time job.

As they always say, “you have to be in it to win it” but surely there has to be more to it if so many people are achieving success? The first rule of comping is to look for free competitions everywhere. They aren’t only available online; you’ll notice them in magazines, newspapers, on television and on the radio. There are competitions pretty much everywhere you look. The key to comping is to take advantage of every opportunity available. If you don’t enter, you won’t win. The laws of probability dictate that the more competitions you enter, the higher your chance of winning. Some experts believe that the number of competition entrants is on the decrease currently which instantly increases your chance of success.

Another important tip is to stick to the rules. There is no cheat or quick route to winning. Entering free competitions in a legitimate manner and doing everything by the book is the only way that you will be successful. Always thoroughly read the rules and the terms and conditions. The closing date is important; it can be easy to waste time taking part in competitions which have hardly any entrants. Be sure to look for restrictions because the competition may not be open to you anyway. When judges are trying to find a winner, they often filter out entries who have not followed the rules. Some people estimate that a third of entrants are instantly ignored due to failing to adhere to competition rules.

One rule of entering free competitions which all compers understand is that the harder it is to enter, the easier you will find it to be successful. The vast majority of people enter competitions that are easy because they don’t need to put time into it, so they have nothing to lose. Entering competitions to win prizes which require time naturally have less entrants which instantly increases your chance of success.