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Hi! I'm Ciera, the face behind I live in Dothan, Alabama with my husband, three children and our mischievous dog Harley. Swanky Moms Club actually began as a website for moms to chat, share photos, events, resources, etc. In 2011 I decided to revamp the site a bit and turn it into a blog! So why the name? What is Swanky? The definition of Swanky is imposingly fashionable and elegant. I am sure that before becoming a mom you at one time considered yourself fashionable and well maybe even elegant but so many times after become a mom we lose the feeling of being fashionable and I can tell you for a while there I felt anything but elegant. So I thought why can't a mom be swanky? Why can't she be fashionable and elegant? Well you can be. There are so many fabulous products out there. So at you will find product reviews, coupons and fashionable finds! :) Now some of the things you may see here aren't necessarily fashionable but they are practical for your day to day life as a mommy. Now this isn't just a site for product reviews, you will read about my personal life and occasionally I throw a helpful article or two in. So what do I really do? I'm the National Director for the Miss Heart of the USA Pageant. We are a National Pageant program that focuses on teaching young ladies the importance of giving back to their community. I started the pageant in 2009 in my hometown of Dothan, Alabama and by 2012 we had franchised our program and had collected and distributed over 750,000 non perishable food items to nonprofit organizations. In 2011 I opened a small boutique in Dothan called Missellaney and we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary in July of 2012. I also publish Wiregrass Parenting Magazine and help out my husband on various projects for his marketing company Dothan Marketing Group.

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