Your Batman's Mom! Why yes, yes I am!

Halloween was a total freaking blast this year! Why? Because I have the most rockin' two year old a mom could ask for. My little Collin is full of personality! He is one of those kids that just commands attention when he walks into a room. When we went Trick or Treating for Halloween we kept trying to teach him to say "THANK YOU" when someone put candy in his bag. We weren't able to master "THANK YOU" but we did manage to master him shaking his head from side to side and saying "NO FANK YOU!" to each person who gave him candy. Well they at least sort of got a thank you!

At a couple of houses he even managed to say "SWIPER NO SWIPING!" I think we have watched a few 100 hours too much Dora...


So imagine my surprise on Thursday when I am going about my daily routine popping in and out of businesses (I am an outside sales rep) and I walk into a business that says "Hey! Your Batman's Mom!" For a second I thought... huh? Then it hit me, why yes... I AM Batman's mom! So out of the hundred of little Trick or Treaters that came through... he remembered my "Batman".



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