Man Has a Lactation Fetish

What do you expect to watch on TV after 11pm? Well I definitely wasn't expecting to watch a show about a man and his lactation fetish that is for sure. So as me and my husband are flipping through channels we stumble across a show on fetish/addiction.

This couple is very openly talking about the husbands lactation fetish. Apparently, the baby gets first dibs and he gets the left overs. Um... ok. How do they come up with shows like this? I mean who was sitting in a room and said "You know, I think we should find a guy that has a lactation fetish and base a show around him. People will find that interesting!"

Well I guess whoever did say that was right to a certain extent because I couldn't help but watch it. I guess it was out of sheer shock. He talked about how unacceptable it was in society, etc. They even showed him confessing his fetish to a friend where the friend begins just laughing. Granted, it was a totally nervous laugh because in his mind I am sure he was thinking what the freaking hell? 

Well buddy, let me explain to you why it isn't accepted by society... because it is weird. Just plain weird! Women do not produce milk for grown men! The fact that he confessed in their counseling session that it actually aroused him to nurse is just plain sick. 

Off my soapbox now... going to bed. I think I am going to have nightmares about this.


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