Apollo Precision Garden Tool Kit

As the fall approaches your home checklist may grow. In addition to preparing the inside of your home for the colder months, your landscaping needs preparation too. Shrubs need trimming, gardens need harvesting. The exterior of your home needs a bit of maintenance and your lawn needs winterizing.

Each one of those tasks requires tools. In addition to getting expensive, it can be a challenge to store and organize an abundance of yard work tools and accessories. The Apollo Precision Tools 15 Piece Garden Tool Kit provides an inexpensive solution.

The nifty kid contains everything you need to harvest your garden, winterize your lawn, and prepare your yard for winter. In this kit you will find a host nozzle, pruning shears, grass shears, several trowels, rake, hose connectors and couplers too. It also has a knee pad to make you more comfortable during those gardening tasks. A few extras, like twist ties, put the kit over the top.

The added bonus with this kit is that it comes contained in a hard plastic storage container. Each tool has a place where it is locked tight and easy to store. No more cluttered tool boxes or gardening centers. All of your gardening and lawn winterizing materials are in one easy to use location.

Easy to carry around the yard, the Apollo Precision Tools 15 Piece Garden Tool Kit comes in green. I really like the 18 piece tool kit that comes in a pink kit, I though you Swanky Moms might like this one too! :)


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