What do you have pierced?

Do you have a body piercing? Check out QPiercing.com. You will find piercing jewelry made of stainless steel, sterling silver, solid gold, titanium and acrylic. They offer a wide range of earrings, belly button rings, lip rings, tongue rings, etc. New products are being added daily and their current online store consists of over 6,000 unique items! 

Their assortment of toe rings are my favorite. Well and this swanky mom doesn't have anything pierced other than her ears. Although I have to admit, I have always wanted my nose pierced. They have some pretty stinkin' cute nose rings. 

They offer several different shipping options to fit your needs. Standard shipping within the United States is absolutely FREE with any order over $30!

Did you know, the most popular body parts for piercing are the ears, tongue and navel. This is because these areas are the least painful and are in sight?

Did you know, a belly button piercing is a contribution to a contemporary fashion. This is the most erotic piercing of the body? It is difficult to imagine a modern beautiful woman without a seducing ring in a belly button.

So Swanky Moms, what piercings do you have? Tell us by commenting below! http://q​piercing​.com/bel​ly-butto​n-rings/​index.ht​ml​


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