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Have you heard of Wittlebee? Wittlebee is an amazing company that delivers a box full of clothing for your infant/toddler each and every month. You go online and create an account, answer a few style questions and place your order and each and every month a box of stylish clothes will arrive in the Wittlebee box for your “Wittle Bee”. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I mean its only $39.99 per month really how nice are these clothes going to be? Well I received my first box in the mail and I was hooked. 

JOIN TODAY and get $10 off your first order and FREE Shipping!

I received four precious outfits!

The shirts were precious and the shorts were so stinkin’ cute! The little man even got compliments at daycare when he was rockin one of his new outfits from Wittlebee.

You can go in each month and make updates. What if you are heading on a vacation in August and need swimwear? No problem, just go in and update your settings to state you need swimwear. Need PJ’s? No problems, just go in and update your settings. Easy peasy right?

So here is my suggestion to you mama’s out there. Work in your $39.99 Wittlebee subscription into your yearly budget and let Wittlebee take care of your little ones shopping for you. Now you have your basics each month and all you have to do is maybe pick up a shirt or two in between Wittlebee shipments but your main shopping is taken care of for you!


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