Oh the joys of travel during pregnancy

A recent trip to Orlando, Florida had me and my husband reminiscing about other road trips we have taken during our marriage. One in particular absolutely cracks us up now but was not too funny to me as it was happening. The night I found out I was pregnant with our little man Collin was the night we were packing all of our belongings to move 8 hours away. Eight hours away from the only place I had known as home for my husband to take a consulting job with an insurance company in West Palm Beach, Florida.

A girlfriend of mine was over at our house helping us pack and complaining of her “unwelcome friend” and I got to thinking well you know when exactly was the last time my “unwelcome friend” paid me a visit. Then I got to thinking… oh dear God… I don’t remember. I immediately stopped what I was doing and headed to Walgreens down the street. Got a test and what do ya know? Pregnant!

Our life was crazy! We moved to South Florida, he started working crazy hours for an insurance company recruiting and training their sales force and I began working on a pageant program I had started in Alabama that we had decided to turn into a National Pageant Program. Time went by very quickly and before I knew it, it was November and I was 7 months pregnant. By this time, it was time for us to travel back to Alabama for our Alabama State Pageant. I kept telling my husband that we needed to leave a couple of days early because I really needed to split the trip into two days only doing four hours one day and four hours the second day leaving that night for me to recuperate before the pageant.

Well, as men do… he didn’t listen. Here we are driving eight hours to Alabama for a pageant that is going to be happening the next day. We get started on the trip and I immediately get car sick. Every few miles we are pulled over at a gas station, a rest stop or on the side of the busy interstate while my 7 months pregnant self is vomiting on the side of the road.

At the time, we drove a Cadillac Escalade and you know they are fairly big. Well I was on the passenger side of course so I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing me. That was also at the still fairly newlywed stage of my marriage where I didn’t want Nick to see me throwing up. You know when I man sees you give birth it just changes a woman… but that is a story for another day. Ha!

So we are pulled over on the side of the road and I am yacking everywhere. I would walk a bit down the side of the truck and yack. Stand a minute, yack some more. Catch my breath, yack some more. You know the drill. Well about 5 minutes into my yacking adventure I notice a car pulling up behind us. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am so embarrassed. At this point I want to just die. It is a State Trooper just checking to see if we are ok.

Well no, WE are not ok. When you leave I am thinking I might pull my husband out of this vehicle and kill him myself because I told him I needed to split the drive. I told him I couldn’t take the full 8 hours. But did he listen to me? Oh no! He didn’t listen to me so now I am on the side of the road yacking while a State Trooper is asking me if I’m ok.

Well in between pukes I am trying to explain to this lovely man that I am pregnant and dealing with some car sickness/morning sickness/all freaking damn day sickness… whatever you want to call it and does he leave? No. He doesn’t! He proceeds to tell me congratulations! He proceeds to tell me how excited I must be! Oh yes, I am so flipping excited I can’t keep anything down! My stomach is just full of fluttering little butterflies. I can barely contain all of my excitement which is exactly why whenever I even think about drinking something, I puke. He proceeds to drive up beside our car where I am in between the Escalade and the State Troopers car with my back turned just yacking away while he talks to my husband and tells him congratulations. As he is telling him how I may be sick now but in the end I will see how “worth it” it was. He finally drives off and what is my husband doing? Laughing! He is laughing hysterically and proceeds to laugh for what seemed like 50 miles down the road. He could not stop laughing.

Well we now have the most handsome two year old little boy and yes it was totally worth it but I think I am scheduling my husband an appointment to get snipped. Who is laughing now? ;)


Newlywed Survival said...

Oh boy! so glad you are able to laugh about this now!

Paula Schuck said...

Laughing hysterically about this story. Poor you! Gah! Husbands.


UntrainedHairMom said...

Lol, they just don't listen do they. Luckily I never had to travel too far in any of my pregnancies, I was sicker than a dog for the majority of both though.

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