Illumination Shine Mist by Cureology

If you were to come into my home right now, you would see that we have way too many personal care products. Hair gels, hairsprays, shine sprays, volumizing moussee, the list could go on and on and on. We have all of these products because they are of course packaged in these bright and shiny containers promising hair miracles. A lot of times those fabulous hair miracles never happened so they get stuffed in a drawer or a cabinet somewhere because we think that the next time we pull them out it will magically do what it states it can do.

I recently tried the Ilumination Shine Mist by Cureology and I love this stuff! I have never been much into shine sprays because I found many times they left my thick, dark hair looking rather greasy but not this one. I think my husband likes it even better than I do! That isn't really saying much though. :) He is quite the pretty boy so his hair process in the morning has always been longer than mine.

The mist has color and UV protection, is alcohol free and is vegan! Is that why it is so awesome? Well I don't know but I have to admit I am totally loving that it is 100% natural. They also are a sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC and I'm totally loving that too. So just way to go Cureology all the way around. Now I have to go and buy some of their shampoo...


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