So you decided you want to become a mommy blogger?

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Getting your website to the top of Google doesn't have to be a mystery. In fact, the whole process can be broken down into a number of steps that when followed can place your site right up there in the top three.

The key is to consistently execute these steps until you get results. Here's how to create this process for you and your website.

 ==> Step 1: Identify a Reasonable Goal When you're setting SEO goals, set both ambitious goals and goals that are achievable in weeks. These goals will take the form of keywords. You probably can't expect to rank in the top three for your main keyword within six months. It's very possible, but don't build your business based on that expectation. On the other hand, it's very reasonable to aim for ranking in a few weeks for long tail keywords. Start your quest for rankings with a main keyword to target in the long run and several less competitive keywords to rank for in the short run.

==> Step 2: Set a Content Goal

The content goal needs to come in the form of X pieces of content per Y amount of time. For example:

Goal: 3 Blog posts a week. (You can even host your blog through Godaddy! Don't make a purchase without a Godaddy Coupon) :)
Goal: 100 new products a month (ecommerce site.)
Goal: 1 Video blog post a week.
So on and so forth. Remember that you're going to need to be able to follow this schedule for a few months. Be ambitious, but not so ambitious that you risk falling off the wagon.

Tip: You can even host your ecommerce site through Godaddy as well. I am sure you can also find a Godaddy Coupon Code for ecommerce sites too.

Is it possible to rank a website of just static content? Yes, but Google does place a very strong emphasis and preference on websites that are regularly updated with new content.

==> Step 3: Set a Backlink Goal

Backlinks are the "magic sauce" that make an SEO campaign work.

Choose one or two backlink strategies that you can execute regularly. Then create a schedule for when you'll do the work.

For example, if your strategy is to comment on ten blogs a week, then pick which day(s) you'll do your commenting.

If your strategy is to do four guest blog posts a month, then you may have to contact five to ten blogs a week to make that happen. Again, schedule out when you'll do that on a weekly basis.

The secret to rankings isn't getting a bunch of backlinks all at once, but consistently increasing your backlinks over time.

If you follow these three steps and consistently add both content and backlinks to that content, you'll find that you'll very quickly start ranking for your lesser competition keywords. In a few months, you'll find even higher competition keywords getting ranked. Eventually, you'll even rank for your main keyword(s).

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