Comfortable shoes don't just have to be for Grandma!

Let me first start off by saying, I have always been one of those women that you will find at the ballpark wearing high heels. I can't help it. I have just always been that way! I guess it has to do with the fact that I am like 5 feet tall. Ok, I'm really 4'11. -.- So without heels my 7 year old is almost taller than me!

I guess I have just always thought that comfortable shoes were for grandma. You know those ugly, flat shoes that are thick and cushiony. The kind that you stare at when you are in the high heels that are totally killing your feet and think I would kill to be wearing those right now even if they are ugly because my feet actually feel broken because for the last 8 hours I have stomped around in this cute little stiletto heels that wearing shouldn't even be legal.

Well it just so happens I have found a place that has fabulously comfy and stylish ladies boots, ladies sandals and more! Houser Shoes pride themselves on comfy and stylish shoes! You will find shoes for men, women and children! They carry many different name brand shoes like Adidas, Cole Haan (one of my husbands favorites... ok I'll admit I think they are pretty hot myself), Birkenstock, Crocs, Corral Boots and so much more! They even have clothing and guess what? All orders over $59.88 receive FREE SHIPPING! No coupon code needed!

Their kids shoes are just too stinkin' cute! I have three kiddos, ages 7, 6 and 2. My daughter is a little mini me and they have styles for kids that are just as rockin' as the styles for mom and dad! Oh and does your hubby like Carhartt? They have tons of Carhartt clothing. When you visit their site be sure to check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to keep up with all of their new products arriving!

Totally HOT Corral Boot
Ok how flippin' awesome is this fashion beaded black thong sandal? 

My OMG favorite Antique Saddle Blue Jean Wing and Heart Boot!

Sassy & Classy with this Black Thong Sandal!

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