Worst dining experience ever: Outback Steakhouse

Last weekend my sister was in town from Georgia. She was staying at my sisters  house so I went over to visit. I picked her up and we went shopping at Target and then headed over to Outback for dinner. I can honestly say that the dinner I had at Outback was one of the worst dinner experiences of my life.

First off, the only reason we went to Outback was to get a Bloomin Onion. So we sit down and I order a Bloomin Onion with a Mr. Pibb. I get a side salad and a chicken tenders meal with mashed potato's (yes, I am that woman that goes to the steakhouse and gets chicken). My sister orders a water with a salad and a bowl of soup. Pretty simple right? Well I guess not...

She brings out our drinks and a little while later some bread. A few minutes go by and all of a sudden another lady shows up with out salads. Ok... not really a big deal. A few minutes later another lady comes out and puts down my chicken tenders plate with french fries. Remember, I ordered mashed potato's. So I informed her that we hadn't even received the Bloomin Onion. She then asks me if I would like it put in a to go box to take home or if I want it just taken off the check. Not an I'M SORRY. Well who the heck wants to take home a Bloomin Onion to heat up the next day? So I just told her to take it off the check. Then I told her that she had given me french fries and I ordered mashed potato's. Well we both thought that surely she would be back with my sisters soup asap. What seems like forever goes by and she walks by so I said um... are you going to bring her soup? She lets out a giggle and says oh give me a minute.


So we get her soup finally, we finish eating and pay the bill. When I get out to the car I look over the receipt and realize that she charged me for TWO DRINKS (remember, my sister only had a water).


This woman managed to mess up the appetizer, the main meal AND the checkout process. LOVELY.

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