Work is easier when you love the chick you work with!

I have the fabulous pleasure of working with Heather from This Girl's No Expert. Sometimes I go home at night and as I do random things throughout the house like clean, cook, put babies to bed I just can't help but laugh at random conversations we have throughout the day.

So today my husband emailed me at work to tell me that he "Liked my picture." Apparently he went to the company website and saw my new photo on there. So I playfully respond back with "Stalking is a crime ;)" A little while goes by and he asks me for some agreement template I don't have in which I responded with "Would you like me to use some of my internet magic and find one for you online." In which smarty pants replies back with "I will take some magic myself please (since lord knows there isn't any between the sheet)."

Really? Did he really just say that to me? So then I just had to share a little story from the night before with Heather and we got a good laugh.

Is what I am about to share TMI? Probably so. Would my husband probably prefer I didn't share? Probably so but you know unless one of you fabulous readers tells him he will never know because he doesn't read my blog. Its the stuff I post on Facebook that I get in trouble for...

Anyway... so lastnight I come home from work and head straight into the kitchen to cook him a fabulous dinner. Ok so it was macaroni noodles and spaghetti sauce but the fact that I was actually cooking is what made it fabulous. Moving on...

He leaves to go run some errands so I am home cooking with our holy terror of a dog that I swear to you seeks out stuff to destroy just to piss me off and our 2 year old little man that was in an absolutely terrible mood. So I am cooking as little man crunching up fig newtons all over my kitchen floor and as I tell him to stop he points his finger at me and tells me to "LEAVE HIM 'LONE". Ummm... yeah no. So then I tell him to pick them up and throw them away and he tells me to "GO AWAY." Lovely. Just lovely.

I get dinner cooked, feed little man and then put him in the bath. I attempted to play with him but after I put on his pull up he climbed right into bed and told me to "GET OUT". I keep asking myself what in the world happened to my sweet child and I still have not come up with an answer but I am hoping he will return to me any day now.

Anyway... so I decide to pour myself a glass of wine (or two or three) and get in the bath myself. I am getting out right as my hubby comes home. He walks in the bedroom right as I am standing in front of the closet looking for one of his big tshirts to put on... naked. Yes, too much information... I know, I know.

Hubby: Ohhh what do we have here?
Me: (In a playful manner) Come on! :)
Hubby: Let me eat first.

Really? Really? REALLY? Ok let me go ahead and inform you dinner sucks so I am sure taking another 5 minutes before you eat isn't going to kill you. Yeah... I said 5 minutes. Bahahahaha if my husband read this he would be all over me for that comment. LOL

Anyway so I get my little bedtime cocktail kicking... 2 benadryl (living in the South with all these blooming flowers is killing me), a Tylenol PM and a nice glass of wine. :) I hop into the bed with my laptop and within a few minutes I am ready to crash.

So the next day I go to work and me and my fabulous friend Heather are chatting about our husbands and sharing all kinds of personal information that our hubby's have no idea we talk about. When I start telling Heather about the night before...

Me: So I come home from work and immediately start cooking and Nick just bails. Went to "run errands" leaving Collin with me tearing up the house. I'm cooking and he is crushing fig newtons all over my kitchen floor. I finally get him in the bath and to bed and then jump in the bath myself. Nick comes home right as I am standing in front of the closet (Naked) and he's all like "What do we have here" and I'm like "Come on" and he's like "I got to eat first" and I'm like "Seriously?"

Heather: Nah uh

Me: Yep. So then I take my Benadryl, Tylenol PM and drink a couple glasses of wine and as I am coming in and out of consciousness and do you know he climbs into bed with me and comes knocking at the gate????

Heather: Nocking at the gate?

Me: You don't what I mean.

Heather: Hahahahahahahaha

*Whoops --- for a minute there I forgot we had to contractors working in the office today. Hi Carlos! 

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Hahaha! Love it!! Poor Carlos!! I mean, "J". He probably went home and had his own night time cocktail after dealing with us all day!!! :)

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