Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life on Mothers Day

Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

We’re only a month or so away from Mother’s Day, one of my favorite holidays of the year. As a mom myself, I love the attempts at breakfast in bed (such as lovingly prepared pancakes that are still doughy in the middle) and the certificates for pedicures at the local salon. While these tried-and-true Mother’s Day celebrations never fail to warm a woman's heart, why not think out of the box a little this May? Here are some other ways to celebrate your mom and all the important women in your life.

  • A Spring Scent – May is the perfect time to try out a new scent. A light floral or fruity perfume can be a great gift for mom, especially if she’s been using the same perfume since you were born. Take her own taste into account and consider buying a small-ish bottle unless you’re sure she’ll love it.
  • A Beauty Splurge – Being pampered is always wonderful, and so is the feeling of looking your best afterwards. Instead of getting the usual mani-pedi gift certificate, why not give mom something new? If you’re not sure about treatments, you can simply seek out high quality salons (the kind with experienced estheticians), and buy her a general gift certificate. Another idea I love: The chance for mom to learn a few new beauty tricks of her own. Many cosmetologists and nail technicians offer single courses that cover the skills to master particular looks. Guide to Career Education has more information about beauty education, such as nail technician degrees.
  • An E-Reader – Have a mom that’s a bookworm? E-readers are getting cheaper and more technologically sophisticated by the day. You can pick up a great model from anywhere between $140 to $400. They’re loadable with all types of material, from the classics to fashion magazines. Personally, I’m a Kindle gal myself, but I’ve heard good things about Barnes and Noble’s Nook as well.
  • Time Alone or with the Girls – As much as mom loves hanging out with you, I bet she wouldn’t be too disappointed with a little time to herself, too. Consider your mom’s personal taste when considering what setting would relax her the most. If she’s spiritual, you could look into retreats offered by meditation centers, camps, or could even study at a Christian university. On the other hand, your mom might be dying to spend some time with her best friend she hasn’t seen for a while. A night or two at a B&B or a getaway in a nearby city could be a great Mother’s Day option.


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