Sittin on the Toilet Video

I don't know if you have seen the "Sittin on the Toilet" video on You Tube but if you haven't, you really aren't missing much. I actually found out about this video when I asked my sister what my nephew was singing and she said it was the "Toilet Song".

Apparently my older nephew (who is a Teen) found it on You Tube and showed it to my younger nephew (who is 2) along with the "Bust the windows out your car for some chicken" song. So he has been singing in. Well I saw it on Saturday and then heard my 2 year old nephew sing his version of it and I just can't help but laugh everytime I see his little face. LOL

The original video:

CLICK HERE (Won't let me embed it into this post)

What cracks me up is the face he makes at the end of the video. If you will notice in the original video the lady singing makes this face at the end. Well, he tries to copy the face she made.

My little nephew singing his version:

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