A lovely day at my local ear, nose and throat doctor

Earlier this week I called our local ENT clinic to schedule an appointment. I wasn't sure if I would be able to schedule it on my own or if I would need a referral. Thankfully I didn't need a referral because of the type of insurance I have.

Receptionist: Thank you for calling the blah, blah, blah
Me: Hi! I need to schedule an appointment and was wondering if I need a referral or I can just schedule it on my own.
Receptionist: What type of insurance do you have?
Me: Blue Cross
Receptionist: No you don't need a referral.
Me: Ok I need to schedule an appointment.
Receptionist: Ok. What are your symptoms?
Me: Itching in my ears (yes weird... I know), sinus drainage, etc.
Receptionist: You do know we are a Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic right?

Ummmm.... you don't say?

At this point I just say uh yeah I do and I need to make an appointment. LOL. What the heck kind of question is that. I just gave you some basic symptoms that all involved my EARS, NOSE and THROAT.

Moving on...

So I go to the appointment today and make the mistake of bringing my husband along. Mistake? Yes, mistake. He totally embarrasses me. So I am like 5'0 tall. Well really I am like 4'11 but I like to say I'm 5'0 tall. With decent shoes on I'm 5'0 tall. Lets just leave it at that. Anyway...

Over the past couple of months I have gained a little weight. I would love to be 100lbs. LOVE IT! But 3 kids later I think I should be happy with like 105-110ish (even though I'm totally not). But on the bright side I did calculate my BMI and I fall within "Normal Weight" so I guess I should be happy (even though I'm totally not). My problem is I drink WAY too much sugary drinks. Mountain Dew is the killer for me. If I could just cut Mountain Dew out of my life I know I could be like 100lbs. But if I cut Mountain Dew out... my life is officially over and I have no energy. :)

Moving on...

So I get called back and my husband comes trailing behind me. They have me step up on the scale and all of a sudden the scale just goes crazy! Hits 100lbs then 110 then 120 then 168 up to 179 down to 145 up to 150 and I just say "What the heck is wrong with the scale?" and then all of a sudden it goes down to 116 which was a surprise for me because I thought I was at like 112 so that was the point where I wanted to strip down to just what Jesus gave me and demand a do-over but I composed myself and went into the room.

As I sit in the chair my husband is just smirking. I figure he is smirking because I had complained about being 112lbs so I am sure when he saw 116lbs he really thought it was funny. Especially considering he is always complaining about his weight and I tell him I love him just the way he is... that he is "fluffy". I never understood why he use to get so pissed off when I called him fluffy. I mean when I think of fluffy I think of a big ole white teddy bear. The kind with real soft fur that is nice to sleep with. Well I quickly understood that the term "fluffy" should never be used in a discussion of weight when I complained about my weight one day and he said "Oh its ok baby... your just fluffy." What the hell!? Fluffy is no longer in my vocabulary thank you very much.

Anyway... so Nick is smirking, the nurse is smirking and I'm wanting to punch them both in the face when all of a sudden he laughs and then I'm like what the heck is so freaking funny? That is when he tell me that he put his foot on the back of the scale pushing it up and down and that is why it was going so crazy. Then the nurse looks over and says yeah... I didn't want to say anything.

I can not take this man anywhere...

Story of my life!

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