Eden Wood on Wendy Williams Show

First, I am going to start off by saying that I have nothing against pageants. I am not a huge fan of glitz pageants but to be honest, I love pageants. I didn't even know who Eden Wood was until I saw some posts about her on Facebook by some young girls that just "LOVED EDEN WOOD". So I googled her and found a few videos and she is such a cute kid.

However, I was very disappointed with this interview that I saw on the Wendy Williams show. To me she just seemed so fake and over coached. I'm not sure of her age but I believe she is 6 or 7. She was so very disrespectful. Don't get me wrong, I think she is precious and absolutely full of personality but I think this poor child is going to have such a tough time relating to kids her age.

I personally think the whole "What about your hair" comment was rehearsed. To me it seemed like she knew that question was going to be asked and had been coached in her what was suppose to be cute (but wasn't) response. What 6/7 year old says "Oh yeah baby!". I also thought it was so bratty when she told Wendy not to sing her song.

Then at the end when she was dancing in front of that fan... OMG! This is a CHILD! Let the poor baby BE A CHILD.

What do you think?

Now this interview was much more real to me! She is actually being a child!

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