Do Mom Blogger Cyber Bullies Exist?

I am just a tad bit addicted to mom blogs. Well actually it is probably pretty safe to say I am 100% totally addicted. I think it is just really refreshing to read about what other moms are experiencing and thinking OMG! Really? Thank God I am not the only one! Once you begin reading mom blogs its almost like you fall into a mom blogging hole. One mom blog takes you to another and then you click on a linky that takes you to another and then a button ad and your at another mom blog... it is never ending. :) I LOVE IT!

Anyway... in my daily browse today I stumbled across a blogger who was ranting about mom bloggers "buying" their Facebook likes. Now to be honest with you, I don't have an opinion either way. Well actually... maybe I do. Yeah, actually I do.

I could really care less if a mom blogger is paying someone to get her Facebook fans, Twitter followers, etc. I mean come on! I guess I am too busy working a full time job, running after 3 kids (four if you include my husband) and managing a small business to care if some blogger is paying a company to get her Facebook "likes". This blogger then puts up a screenshot of this mom bloggers Facebook fanpage Insights (of course leaving out the name of the blog) as "proof" then she actually posts updates on how the "accused" has removed her INSIGHTS from her main row. Then she posts another update on how she moved it BACK to the main row so she knows that this mommy blogger is now stalking her blog... blah blah blah.

Oh my goodness. Really? So my question is... do Mom Blogger Cyber Bullies exist? What are your thoughts?

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Young At Heart Mommy said...

Oh my gosh that is horrible. I personally believe there ARE mom blogger bullies out there. I actually don't doubt it all. After being a part of the Mom Twitter community for over a year I have even seen it there. Moms bullying other moms, writing rude things, and those who have nothing better to do than watch their every move on social sites. I think it's pathetic and sad. Why even take the time to do things like that? Shouldn't we be supporting each other? said...

I know! I was just amazed when I saw it. What was worse to me is all of the other mom bloggers that seemed to just jump on the bandwagon with her!

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