Damn you Muffin Tops

I have always heard the term "Muffin Top" used just never really thought it would apply to me. The night before Easter me and my hubby get this bright idea that we are going to go out on the town. We hire a babysitter AKA my teenage nephew who would sit at my house after the kids were already asleep, watch TV, eat our food... you get the idea.

Anyway... I get all dolled up and then realize ALL of my "going out" clothes no longer fit. Talk about depressing. I have gained at least 12 pounds. I know that might not sound like a huge deal but when you are like 5'0 tall and have always weighed like 100 pounds... 12 pounds extra is a huge deal.

I go and put on my HOT jeans and my HOT jeans weren't so hot. I then begin to complain to my husband that I have a "Muffin Top" in these jeans and can not wear them. Then I had to explain to him the definition of a MUFFIN TOP.

Well I had about 4 glasses of wine before we left the house... then a Liquid Valium at the first place we went and then 4 more Liquid Valiums at the next place and lets just says OMG that is the most I have had to drink in the past two years combined. Well as we are out at this bar out of no where my husband goes I saw a cupcake! She has one of those cupcakes! WTF? I just look at him like what the heck are you talking about? Then I realized OH! She has a MUFFIN TOP! You are talking about MUFFIN TOPS! LOL

My life is officially over...

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