Car Alarm

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

The other night, my car was almost broken into. The reason why I know this is because at about 5 a.m., my car (which was parked out on my driveway) started honking. The alarm was going off. I looked outside and didn’t see anyone or anything, so I assumed it was just a random short circuit or something. Then, later in the day, I heard about how 4 of my neighbors had their cars broken into and stuff stolen! They had things like their radios, gps units, money, laptops, etc. stolen right out of their cars parked in their driveways. The only reason my stuff was not stolen was because I had an alarm that went off an apparently scared them away. I tell you what, when I heard about what happened to my neighbors, I was so thankful for my car alarm. This experience got me thinking that I would also like to have a Security Systems Arlington Heights for our home. Our home is much more valuable than my car, so it only makes sense.


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