We spent the past couple of days at the Tri-State BBQ Fest in Dothan, Alabama. We had a great time despite the miserable heat and the ants that kept tearing up my little feet. :) But that isn't anything they could do anything about. The Main Event (Kerry Farrell and crew) did a bang up job coordinating everything. Great food, great vendor, great sponsors and sweet staff. BBQ Pitmasters came out to film for one of their episodes.

It started off on Friday with a BBQ Bash where all of the proceeds went to benefit Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1. The blues and southern rock band the Bopcats performed. It wasn't really that crowded on Friday night but we had some friends meet us there and had a blast. Collin ran all over that place... I think by the time we left every vendor had experienced Collin's charm. :) One food vendor in particular ended up knowing him by name! LOL

Collin loved the Frank's Hot Sauce Crew! He had so much fun with them!

We had a vendor booth in between some really great people. Some girls from Tennessee on one side and a couple from Tennessee with some precious little dogs on the other side.

On Saturday the festival was HOT! At one point I got a little sick and had to go and sit in the car with the air conditioner running. Collins "G G" had come to pick him up by this point to give him a little break from the outdoors so he could go and take a nap. Well, I ended up falling asleep in the car. :) Had a nice little nap.

Collin came back in the afternoon and we walked around the entire festival AGAIN. There was a table set up selling some T-Shirts and folding chairs. I was looking at all of the shirts and getting ready to buy a few when Collin decided to climb up and sit on the folding chair that was set up as a display. Now, I am not talking about a chair from Sharper Image. I am talking about a $10.00 fold up chair that you stuff into a fabric bag.

Well my little man is your typical two year old. Anything he sees that he can climb up on and sit to make him higher --- he goes for it. Because it was sitting out as a display I really didn't think it was that big of a deal until the old lady behind the table says "Don't you spill that cup on that chair." ---- Now we are talking about a sippy cup and not just any sippy cup, a sippy cup that I could literally hang upside down and nothing is going to come out of it. As a mom of 3 I quickly learned that all sippy cups are NOT created equal and yes it is worth spending the few extra dollars to get a decent one that isn't going to end up leaking milk on your carpet. So as I am walking around the table to just get Collin down from the chair before this lady has a heart attack over the fact he is sitting in the $10.00 folding chair. She looks up and me dead in my eye and says "Yep! Because if you spill something on that chair YOU BUY IT!"

REALLY? So I sat the shirts I was going to buy down, grabbed my little man and walked off. So ok, maybe he shouldn't have sat in the chair? I don't know? I guess things like that just don't get to me. Like when a kid comes up to my booth and rearranges the table and I have to go and put everything back. But for that moment... whatever that kid was doing kept him/her occupied long enough for mommy to look so who cares. Have I had a bow or two that ended up with a little chocolate finger smudge on it? Sure! If Collin would have gotten something on the chair, would I have bought it? Absolutely!

What I find REALLY funny is after he got out of the chair and we walked off I look down at the back of his shirt and it is covered in some type of black smut from sitting in the darn chair! LOL! So God forbid something leak on her smut filled chair.

Then we walk on through and down to where the band was performing. We stop to chat with a friend and a second later I look over and there is Collin sitting in another random chair. I walk over to get him out and this guy walks over picking on Collin about being in his chair. But he of course was super nice about it... playing with him.

Maybe she was just having a bad day... Bless Her Heart.

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Haha, Bless Her MEAN heart... How could anyone not want Collin sitting in their display chair? If anything his cute self would help sell them!!

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