An App I Can't Live Without: COZI

I will admit it... I am addicted to Apps. I have tons of them on my phone. One of my absolute favorite Apps is COZI. On their website the tagline says "Family Life. Simplified." That could no be more accurate.

I have 3 children, four if you count my husband (Love you Nick). :) Cozi keeps us all on track. I came across their website online and realized they had an app that I could download on my phone and my husbands phone to sync up our schedules. My absolute favorite feature is the apps ability to send me and my husband both a text message reminding us about an appointment.

Things that were easily forgotten before no longer are and unnecessary arguments are avoided. Those arguments where you know you told your husband about an appointment or he knows he told you he couldn't get the kids that day but you swear he never did. Well, that is all avoidable. You are able to put your name, your husbands name and each of your children's names into the app and your appointments are color coded. So I can either login to the website and manage our schedule or add an appointment real quick on my phone. I set a reminder and the app will send me a text message so I don't forget.

You can even have grandma and grandpa download the app and sync them in if you wanted to. No missed Tball games, recitals, etc. Its all there! Best of all, ITS FREE!
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