Gotta love a nice relaxing bath

By the time I had baby number three I had pretty much accepted the fact that I would never be alone in the bathroom again. :) Well, at least not for a while. Yes, it seems like I can never potty in peace. Well my youngest is two and he is quite the little character. He has more personality than all of the kids combined.

Tonight I decided that I needed a little mommy time. I was going to take a nice relaxing bath so I get in the bathroom, run the water, and get in the tub. OMG it was amazing. Within a matter of seconds the bathroom door busts open and here comes a two year old with a hand full of tiny cars. You see when Collin takes a bath he runs the cars up and down the side of the tub. Up and down, up and down --- vrooooommm, vroooooom, vvvrroooooom.

So you see to my little Collin this was just amazing. Mommy was in the tub and now he had someone --- confined, that he could play cars with. So my relaxing bath was not so relaxing but I think that one day I am going to wish he had time to sit down and play cars with me so for now... I will just take it as long as I can get it and I can take a relaxing bath when he is too old to play cars with me. :)


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