String Ring - The Kindness Reminder

I'm sure as a child you remember your mother at some point suggesting you tie a string around your finger to remember something. I'm not sure the origin of this but it is said to have carried over from olden days when people would tie a piece of cloth around any painful part of their body. The reason this cloth was tied there is to keep the "spirit of life" in that area. It was believed that this would cure it and keep the pain from spreading to other parts of the body.

The string on the finger idea was designed to "keep" the thought there, to be remembered later when it was needed.  I am all for a new way to remember things. So imagine my excitement when I came across String Ring. String Ring doesn't just serve as a reminder to complete a task, it serves as a reminder to love, enjoy, forgive, be kind and so much more! There are many different colors to choose from and they all have a different meaning.

So imagine sending your child to school with a String Ring --- a constant reminder to be kind, love and forgive.


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