She was injured by an IUD!

I am blessed with 3 beautiful children. I have a 7 year old daughter and two boys, ages 5 and 2. But it is no secret... I believe my baby making days are over. After baby number three was born I went to my 6 week check up and immediately scheduled my appointment for an IUD.

I have tried several different types of birth control. I tried the birth control patch. I LOVED the birth control patch. If I could have just ignored my hair falling out... it would have been perfect. Moving on...

Next I tried the birth control pill. My side effect from the pill was baby number 3. I could never remember to take that darn thing! I knew after baby number 3 that I had to have something that I didn't have to remember to take. So at my 6 week check up I decided on the IUD. My girl friends who have the IUD had me absolutely terrified about having this thing put in. They told me how bad it hurt, how their OBGYN gave them a prescription for a pain killer to take before they came in and here by OBGYN was telling me just to take a Tylenol. Well I quickly realized that my girl friends are big babies. I barely felt it. 

Anyway... me and my husband joke quite often about the IUD. It is suppose to last up to 5 years so I always joke that I am having mine taken out at the 4 year mark and a having a new one put in just to be sure. :) Don't get me wrong, I love my babies but having 3 kids, running multiple businesses and then throwing extra curricular activities, school events and volunteer activities into the mix... this mommy is exhausted! Plus I am one of those people that really could use like 12 hours of sleep per night.

I am blessed to be able to work with my husband every day (well most days I feel blessed). We were at an event back in November in Orlando, Florida and my husband was emceeing. He was introducing one of the young ladies and explaining how she was in the military and had served in Afghanistan and has been injured by an IED. Only instead of saying IED he said IUD. I thought I was going to die --- I was standing behind him against a wall and I know the look on my face must have been priceless. I immediately step forward and correct him and of course his face turned so red and he apologized... there were some giggles in the audience but he recovered. I guess all of that talk about IUD's had gotten him a little confused. 


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