Safe Words

You know its funny the random things you remember while wasting time on Facebook. Today when I was on Facebook while I should have been working to finish the 50 projects I am working on that I have clearly over committed myself for I came across this picture in the status feed. A friend of mine had just pinned it on Pinterest (which also happens to be my newest addiction). Anyway... it made me think of a conversation me and my husband had which has now turned into an inside joke.

Let me first start off by saying I AM NOT into S&M --- no folks just not my thing! This girl likes to be cuddled not pinched, cut, spanked, bitten, hair pulled ---well maybe I do like my hair pulled (JOKING). But look whatever floats your boat and goes on behind closed doors with your hubby is your business --- I just don't want to know about it.

S&M is an acronym used for sadomasochism. It broadly refers to the receiving of pleasure—often sexual—from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. Uh yeah... anyway.... So one night me and my husband are watching a movie and at one point they are talking about S&M and some how the term "safe word" comes out. So my husband looks over and asks what a "safe word" is. I then explain to him that you know the people that are into that sort of stuff often role play so they have a safe word because their significant other might be saying no but meaning yes or saying stop but really meaning don't stop so they come up with a random safe word that would never normally be used in this type of situation as a "STOP". 

So at this point I basically jump on him holding his wrists down and say safe word is "PANCAKES". And he beings to laugh hysterically. So ever since then we have this little inside joke. We have been in professional settings where he just walks by me and says "PANCAKES" and I just bust out laughing. Now a few of our friends know the story so occasionally I'll get a random "PANCAKES" from one of them. 

Yeah well.... I thought it was funny. :)


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