Oh Sh*t

Oh the things your little sweet peas pick up on. :) Last night when we got home by husband took the trash out to the road. Well, we live kind of out in the country. The only reason I even refer to it as being country is because the people who own the property next to us rent out the property behind us to a guy so he can farm it and the property in front of us is a pasture full of cows. So its not like we live in a subdivision or anything. :)

Anyway... I am not sure how many times it is going to take random animals tearing our trash to shreds for my husband to finally realize that he just needs to set the trash out the MORNING of trash pick up but as long as I am not the one having to pick up the trash he can do whatever he wants to do.

Well this morning as usual my little escape artist climbs out of his crib and comes into our room asking for juice and Barney. So Nick gets up with him (yes, he does this every morning and I think this might be why I love this man so incredibly much because mommy is not a morning person and it takes a little bit to get me going) and fixes his juice and turns on Barney. Well, I hear Nick start the coffee machine and all of a sudden I hear "OH SH*T!" Apparently our lovely wild animals or just the local stray has torn out the trash yet again.

Then I hear Collin (our 2 year old) go "OH SH*T!". Nick immediately says oh no Collin don't say that! You can say that word Collin! So Collin says "OH SH*T, OH SH*T, OH SH*T." Well I am quietly laughing in the bed at this point as I hear Collin walking from the kitchen to the living room saying "OH SH*T, OH SH*T, OH SH*T." While carrying a juice cup to watch Barney. Nick is trailing right behind him saying oh no Collin... please don't say that Collin... that's a bad word Collin.

Yes, I am THAT mother! That mother who was laughing in her bed...


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