The Organic Wine Company

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The Organic Wine Company offers fantastic tasting wines from 100% organically grown grapes, which benefit the environment but also your health. A lot of us are thinking about our health and maybe turning to organically grown produce. Drinking organic wine isn't quite so widespread yet. However, if you are thinking about incorporating organic wine into your lifestyle, or want to treat yourself or a special person to a good bottle of organic wine, then The Organic Wine Company offers a great selection.

The company offers a monthly Wine Club Membership, which gives you a selection of 3 bottles of wine each month, either 3 red or 2 reds + 1 white or a bi-monthly membership of 3 bottles of vegan wine.

You can also choose from their selection of high quality dessert wines, sparkling wines, biodynamic wines and vegan wines from Italy, Spain, France, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, US and Austria.

So if you are looking for a treat, The Organic Wine Company offers specialty wines for special occasions, such as a bottle of delicious sparkling wine for a romantic Valentine's dinner.


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