No your right, the no trespassing sign means its ok to knock on my door before 8AM

My grandmother passed away in April of 2010 and left me her home. It was such a blessing. Well before my grandmother passed away, she spent a few years in an assisted living facility and then a nursing home so her house was vacant for a while. Well, there are several pecan trees that surround the house. Really most of them are technically on the property next to us but the branches come over into our yard so pecans fall in our yard.

At the beginning of pecan "season" this year we had a lady stop and ask if she could pick up the pecans. Well in the beginning I told her no and then she led me to believe that the owner of the property next to us said it was ok. Well the house next to us is vacant and I know the person who owns it so I just assumed this woman was telling the truth and let her pick them up.

A couple of weeks go by and the owner of the property next door came over and began putting up no trespassing signs on the trees and a larger no trespassing sign on a wooden post towards the center of the property. She said someone had been stealing their pecans. Whoops!!! So I told her the story of the lady and she informed me that the only people she had given permission to pick up the pecans were an elderly couple and a teenage boy that would be coming around occasionally.

Since then we have had several people stop into our driveway asking to pick up pecans. REALLY? This just seems so crazy to me. Is there really that much money to be made in selling pecans? I just don't really understand it. Maybe I am just really missing out on something here.

Well this morning it really became absolutely irritating. Before 8am someone begins knocking at our front door. Me and my husband were attempting to sleep in today so needless to say, that didn't work out as planned. My husband goes to the side door and opens it and there is a woman asking if she can pick up our pecans on "halves". Basically what that means is she picks them up, sells them and we get half.

My husband politely told her no and she left. About an hour and a half later someone is knocking at our front door. Then ringing the doorbell, then knocking again. My husband has just gotten out of the shower so he told me to go answer the door. Well I guess I didn't get there fast enough because now this person is knocking on our side door, then beating on our side door. I open up the door and there is a woman standing their asking if she can pick up our pecans. REALLY?!? I was so incredibly irritated by this point I said "NO! You can not. This is the reason there are NO TRESPASSING signs up because we are tired of people knocking on our front door asking to pick up pecans!!!!"

After she left I actually felt bad about speaking to her that way but this year we have literally dealt with dozens of people just showing up asking to pick up pecans at OUR HOME!


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