The Necklace Nanny

How many times have you been to the grocery store and gotten all the way back to the car only to realize somewhere in your trip of what seemed like endless aisles your little has dropped their favorite toy and is now screaming to have it back?

Now here you go, pulling him or her back out of the car seat to go inside and search for that favorite toy. Well, maybe if you are lucky you find it but chances are some other little toddler has traced the same steps you did and that toy is long gone.

Well that all could be avoided with The Necklace Nanny. The Necklace Nanny is a durable elastic strap with a fully adjustable side release closure. You place the end of The Necklace Nanny through any circular shaped toy or any toy that has a loop, tag, etc. Then you place The Necklace Nanny around your baby's stroller or a shopping cart bar and voila! No more lost toys! Want to see just how easy it is? Watch the video below! Purchase yours at

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Order yours today and receive 10% off by entering the coupon code BabyFun10. Please note the coupon code is case sensitive.


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