The Complete Guide to Personal Finance

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“The Complete Guide to Personal Finance” is a book specifically for teenagers and college students and contains important financial messages that will hopefully stick with them right through their adulthood and will turn them into financially responsible adults. The book talks about financial basics, such as: wants versus needs (with a need versus wants questionnaire), impulse buying, the various types of bank accounts, how to choose the right bank, ways to deposit your money (i.e. ATM, mail etc) and online banking.

It covers budgets and how to create and stick to one through tracking your outgoing and incoming money. Your kids will also be able to read up on credits and creditors, (and the games they play with you and your money) and the pitfalls of credit and debt. Debt can cause havoc and the book covers topics around debt that will hopefully give your kids food for thought to avoid them going into debt. However, if they have gone into debt, it gives them strategies to get rid of said debt. Other important issues covered in this book are saving up for college ideas, financing your first car, joint accounts and cosignatory accounts, credit scores and other topics that are very important to any young adults' financial life.

Overall, the book "The Complete Guide to Personal Finance" is a very worthwhile book to give to your teenagers to read. It will give them important information to live their lives in a financially responsible manner. In today's world of economic ups and downs, this knowledge is more important than ever.


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