City Exploring

Author: Elias Massey

Our family was certainly stuck in a weekend rut. We were doing the same things over and over and I had been struggling to find something different to do as a family. I was watching direct tv chicago on a Saturday morning and the travel channel sparked a great idea. There has been so much buzz lately about folks discovering all the great things their very own towns had to offer up. I was captivated by all the hidden treasures some of these towns had to offer and I knew our city was just waiting to be discovered. Living in one of the nation’s greatest cities, I decided to plan one weekend a month for this year exploring Chicago with the family. Between the sporting events, museums, and historic scenery, we have more than enough to keep us busy right here in our very own home town. The family is very excited about what we are going to do next and it makes our city feel more like home now that we are learning all that it has to offer. We are definitely proud to call the great city of Chicago home!


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