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I am a total candle lover, so I am quite taken by Bell-a-Roma website. They offer fantastic candles in different styles and scents for all occasions, from dinner parties, to wedding and baby shower candles and candles specifically designed for birthdays etc. There are even Valentine's Day candles shaped like hearts for you to give to your loved ones. Or how about the Romance Sampler - a set of 12 candles with "romantic" scents such as: Sensual, Lavender, Midnight, Fresh Cut Gardenia, Sandalwood.

The candles are handmade and of high quality. For example the pillar candles are made from natural wax, are hand poured and come in various colors and fragrances. The combination of color/fragrance can be customized depending on your personal preference.

There is also a great choice of ball candles, floating candles, aroma reed diffusers, taper candles and taper candle holders, oil burners and more. The Soy Odor Eliminator Candles (made in the US) are said to remove unpleasant smells, such as smoke or pets, from your home, through a special patented formula.

Overall, if you like beautiful candles and are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary in terms of look, quality, scent, color and price, have a look at Bell-a-Roma Candles in the wintertime will certainly help to create a cozy and warming atmosphere. They would also make fantastic gifts for any occasion, to bring to your next dinner party, to a special friend to say "Thank You" or to any candle lover.


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