Babysitter's Business Kit

Babysitting is a great way for preteens and teens to make some money and save up for something they really want. It also teaches them early on how to start up their first business venture and, even more importantly, how to be responsible and handle some difficult situations (such as sibling rivalry). These experiences will certainly hold them in good stead in future.

A good way to introduce your preteen/teenagers to setting up as a babysitter is by supplying them with the Babysitter's Business Kit, which, in my opinion, provides them with all the necessary information and tools to start up. The kit includes: business cards, a mini client address book, note pads, reward stickers, parent checklist and the very popular Babysitter's Handbook. The book gives your teen techniques to use when confronted with situations such as: comforting scared children, first aid, sibling rivalry, how to deal with nap time and bedtime, diapers and potties, but also includes fun ideas on games and activities to keep kids happy and busy, and more.

Overall, if your teen shows an interest in kids and wants to be a babysitter, the Babysitter's Business Kit is a fantastic way of giving them the wherewithal and ideas on how to set up their own business and become a responsible and good babysitter. I would certainly recommend this set.


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