All new moms need a Nose Sucker

You might not have already known this but one of your duties as a new mommy is sucking the snot out of your little ones nose. Glamorous right? :)

In the hospital you are given a fabulous blue Nose Sucker. Let me tell you... all Nose Suckers are NOT created equal. If you are anything like me, you are going to quickly misplace the fabulous one given to you at the hospital in between taking it with you into various rooms in your home, taking it on trips to the pediatricians office and to grandmas house, etc. GASP! It will be gone!

You will wake up at 2am to the sounds of a congested baby and your  Nose Sucker will be no where to be found. That is why it is important to have one at home, at grandmas, in the diaper bag, in the kitchen drawer, in your desk drawer, in your car console, in your bathroom and any other place you can think of. 

Well know you can get as many hospital grade nose suckers as you'd like at

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Want to win a Nose Sucker from Don't have a new baby? That's ok! Enter anyway! You are going to get invited to a baby shower soon I'm sure and these are great to include in a gift bag for a new mommy!

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boogie wipes!

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