Teen Mom

I just watched the latest episode of Teen Mom. Honestly, this show is kind of addicting. I absolutely love Maci. She seems like such an amazing little mom. I thought it was so cute when she dressed up as Woody from Toy Story and her boyfriend Kyle dressed up as Buzz while they played with her little boy.

It is so interesting to me to see how far these girls have come (some a lot farther than others). First off, what the heck is Amber doing? Does she even have a job? She just moved into this new house and has a boyfriend but it never shows her doing anything but laying around on the couch or a bed that is never made up. I don't know why I find that so annoying?

Farrah is such a brat! I wish I could say I feel sorry for her mother but I don't! Farrah is the way she is because her mother allowed it but I do have to give her mom props for staying so calm and cool when Farrah talks to her the way she does. Her step dad Michael seems like such a sweet guy.

It was so great to see Caitlyn's dad come to visit. I have to admit he is not at all what I expected (after seeing her mother). I think it is great that Farrah has finished school but I think it is pretty stupid that she is wanting to move away. I don't really think she fully understands the responsibility that comes with being a mother because she has had the support of her mom and step dad this entire time but maybe moving away will show her what she has been taking for granted.

It really seems as though Caitlyn and Tyler are really the only ones that are truly trying to get their life on track though. Maci, Farrah and Amber just seem to be in their own little world. 


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