God is bigger than the boogy man!

I love Facebook. I spend entirely too much time on there but really it is how I keep up with everything! Local events, news worth knowing about, etc. I love the fact that it will show you what your status update was "this day" the previous year. I looked today and last year my status update today was...

"So Collin and Noah are in the backseat and Collin starts crying... Noah looks over and starts singing "God is bigger than the boogy man, he's bigger than godzilla and the monsters on TV... oh God is bigger than the boogy man and he's watching out for you and me!!!" and Collin stops LOL"

I had completely forgotten about that. :-) When Collin was a baby (well he is still a baby to me), he use to love watching Veggie Tales and loved that little song. Whenever he would get upset, if you would sing that Veggie Tales song to him he would instantly stop crying. It was the cutest thing.

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